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Appetite for risk?

Vance Strange with AMCS Global, here! In our world of unforeseen, often devastating hazards, every company should know their appetite for risk. What risks, you ask? The ongoing, unknown risks surrounding your 3rd party vendors. It doesn't matter what type...

Protect Your Assets

Building a business is tough. 
Rewarding? Yes. Challenging? Sure. 
Easy? Not even close.
We understand the amount of work that 
goes into creating a successful company. 
And we understand what it takes to protect your company from the unforeseen accidents
that you’ll encounter on your journey.

ACORD 25 Manual Tutorial

Why monitor your certificates?
➔ Stay compliant with insurance requirements
➔ Reduce your company’s exposed liability
➔ Ensure peace of mind for your company
Don’t worry. We can help.
Failure to monitor may result in
➔ Financial losses
➔ Lawsuits
➔ Bad publicity

OSHA Penalty 2016

OSHA Penalty Adjustments To Take Effect After August 1, 2016 In November 2015, Congress enacted legislation requiring federal agencies to adjust their civil penalties to account for inflation. The Department of Labor is adjusting penalties for its agencies, including...

The Proactive Page

Vicarious liability holds you accountable for any uncovered 3rd
party damages.
Certificates of Insurance help provide you with protection against
losses due to workplace accidents, injuries, and misconduct.


The definition and real-life application of a COI
Who should have a Certificate of Insurance
Why is a Certificate of Insurance Important

A Proactive Process

Protecting Your Assets with a Strategy Vicarious liability holds you accountable for any uncovered 3rd party damages. Certificates of Insurance help provide you with protection against losses due to workplace accidents, injuries, and misconduct....

Insurance Liabilities

Where are your liabilities? You’ve built an amazing business, but do you know where your liabilities are? We understand the costly and dangerous risk of having uninsured, third-party vendors. We know what an accident could mean to your company. We don’t like to admit...

Exposed Liability

You never thought twice about your third-party vendors, until one of them had an accident... Revealed on this page: Exposed Third-Party Liabilities: How they could shut down your business. "In-House" Insurance Monitoring: Why it is a practice that could cost you...

Experts on Your Side

Most business owners have built their dreams from scratch, or paid a substantial licensing fee to open a franchise. Either way, the investment of time and money are absolutely worth protecting. No one wants their hard earned success to be stolen by an insurance...

Additional Insured

“Additional insured”, in regards to business operations, is a subject that is often disagreed upon, misunderstood, and misinterpreted. But 2 things are for certain: You need to know what Additional Insured means And if you are at risk without an endorsement on your...

Vicarious Liability

Your business has been operating for years with no incident. You are growing, opening new locations, hiring a larger workforce. Things are great. Then a 3rd party vendor has an accident. His insurance only covers one hundred thousand dollars in damages. The result is...

Insurance Agents

Part 1: WEBVIEW™ - 3 Steps to Peace of Mind 1) Collect- Our account experts contact clients, 3rd party vendors, and the insurance agents to collect current insurance certificates and contractual documents. When non-compliance is detected, our representative...

Hiring the Experts

Hiring Experts to Monitor Insurance and Manage Documents You've built your dreams from scratch. The investments of time and money are absolutely worth protecting. Be pro-active. 3rd party insurance monitoring and document management is an ongoing and ever-changing...

COI Quick Guide

You are building your business for success. As your company grows, you naturally take on bigger responsibilities, a larger workforce, and more liabilities to track. Whether you operate single or multiple locations, there’s one fact that remains. Exposed third-party...

Solutions Page

Have you ran into problems with certificates of insurance? No endorsements? Wrong Additional Insured? Certificates of insurance are extremely important to you as the business owner or 3rd party contractor. They must reflect the insurance policy in place. And they must...


What if you could offer a new, extremely valuable service that land you larger clients? Big insurance houses spend tons of money on a proven program like this. We've provided insurance certificate monitoring to Fortune 100 companies globally for over 30 years. Our...